I know it is a squeamish subject to discuss but us Humans have been hosts to Parasites our entire existence and are still affected by them.

You do not need to go to a third world country to be in contact with parasites, we have plenty in our sanitized, western culture. Many people do not consider parasites as a health issue.

There is a connection between parasites and other diseases. This is not an entirely new idea, and as a traditional naturopath, taking the load off the immune system by doing parasite cleanses seems a normal course of action when treating serious illnesses. If the immune system is compromised, it is possible that parasites can enter the body more easily. If we already have parasites, it can cause our immune system to go on high alert. Excessive parasites can place a burden on our immune system that protect us as the immune system has to work hard to eliminate their toxins that cause allergic reactions, digestive disturbances, fatigue, growths, nervousness, insomnia and anemia.

We get parasites from food, water, contact with pets and the environment in general.

The subject of parasites can be unpleasant, yet it is more common than most people are aware of. Becoming proactive about parasite maintenance can make a big difference in overall health. Doing a preventative program can ease your worries about these uninvited guests.

Since parasites reproduce during the full moon, starting a cleanse a week before the full moon can increase efficacy. Parasites are the first to get the nutrients from the food you ingest, since they are in the digestive system. It is best to take parasite-cleansing herbs before a meal, this way they are getting anti-parasitic herbs instead of food. this will facilitate the die off we are wanting.

Avoiding raw or undercooked beef, pork, fish and chicken is an obvious step in prevention. Water chestnuts, watercress, unwashed fruits and vegetables, and mountain water are also to be avoided. Parasites love sugar and carbohydrates as well as other easily assimilated foods. It is best to elimiate sweets, alcohol, and potato chips while cleansing.

Pumpkin seeds, garlic, calmyrna figs, pomegranates, cranberry juice and apple cider vinegar are good foods to include in your diet to control parasites.

Love and light,
Traditional Naturopath

P.S. I wish acknowledge my teacher, the late Hanna Kroeger and Dr. Hulda Clark for their wise information and teachings on the subject of parasites.