Allergies And Food Sensitivities

"Allergies and food sensitivities may contribute to cellulite. "Fluid retention can form in response to any toxin or food sensitivity," says Kat James, author of The Truth About Beauty (Beyond Words Publishing, 2003). "The body will accumulate water in order to dilute and sequester toxins into pockets, to keep them from the vital organs and bloodstream." If you have food sensitivities or allergies, try eliminating the offending substances from your diet for at least two weeks. If you're not sure, a visit to a nutritionist can help you identify trigger foods.

Fluid retention is reflective of a loss of cellular energy, displacement of water into cells, swelling and inflammation, congestion of cells, and overall reduced ability of the body to clear toxic waste. The skin, which is an elimination system, cannot eliminate very well because the subcutaneous fat layer is pressuring it, reducing itās ability to eliminate toxins. Thus, the toxins accumulate with extra fluid under the skin. These problems promote and lock in cellulite issues."