Voice Dialogue

A Powerful Tool For Transformation

The speed and extraordinary demands of today's life events have left many of us in a state of confusion and anxiety. We are besieged by inner voices which judge us, compare us and continually find us wanting:

I am not good enough... Not talented enough... Too short...

I am too fat... Not worthy... Not capable... Not loved...

People don't like me... I'm not smart enough...

I can't seem to get started... I lack discipline... I drink too much...


Do any of these sound familiar to you? These tend to be deep-rooted personality patterns that can easily over-shadow every aspect of your life. And unless YOU decide to act, they most probably will continue to do so. Unless YOU decide to change and are willing to take control, these inner voices will continue to rule your life and prevent you from ever knowing the rich joy and power of your full potential.

Voice Dialogue has been hailed as one of the most perceptive and elegant techniques for reaching into the essence of your being. Through it you will learn to communicate with those many inner voices which have been whispering in your ear for so long. Voice Dialogue is an extraordinary adventure that will open up new doors of possibility and provide you with the tools of total transformation.

Once you have experienced the sense of personal power which comes from meeting your inner selves, you will gain the expanded awareness to understand: why food used to be such an important ally... why your inner child could be so easily hurt... why you once depended so heavily on others to complete your life... why you remained in unproductive or abusive relationships... why you were tempted to turn to alcohol, drugs or sex to escape feeling the pain of life. For so many, Voice Dialogue was the answer that changed their lives.

First Session can run as long as 2 hours. $90 per hour. Future sessions usually run 1 ¸ hrs.

Ready for Change?

If you are ready to take responsibility for transforming your life then you are invited to join in a small, on-going group workshop. Limited to six highly motivated people per group, these powerful interactions use the latest tools of Voice Dialogue facilitation to help you break through the barriers that have kept you from experiencing the full potential of your life.


Facilitated by Arianne Koven, N.D., D.H.H.
Internationally recognized Voice Dialogue practitioner with
extensive experience in private and group work.