Tri-Circuits for Relaxation and Rejuvenation

By Arianne Koven, N.D., C.N.H.P

Tri-Circuits were discovered and developed many years ago by Leon Eeman in the UK. Eeman had a practice in Harley St. London for many years and devoted himself to the development of the unique from of vibrational healing. He worked with chemists, doctors, psychologists and other professionals to examine the healing capabilities of the Tri-Circuits, and recorded the research in a number of well-documented books. Some of his research is in this information, along with the research of other such as Dr. Perter Lindermann, Leslie and Terry Patten and Tom Brown of Borderlands Science.

The "laying on of hands", was the original inspiration for the development of the Circuits by Leon Eeman, who took this principle further than anyone had before. However, Jinshin jyutsu and Shiatsu use these principles and Randolph Stone, the founder of Polarity Therapy, taught his students that the practitioner should use his/her hands to create a bridge between areas where energy needs to flow more strongly.

The energy which passes through the Tri-Circuit and through your body, called Chi, prana etc., has much in common with electromagnetic energies. However, it is not identical, and has been proven by the fact that Tri-Circuit's work just as well when made of silk as when made of copper ( see research by P. Lindermann and L. Eeman ). Silk cannot transmit electromagnetic energies but can transmit bio-energies.  We use copper, because it would be too difficult to devise this in silk for durability.

The copper screens act like an antenna to capture and radiate the energy with the copper electrodes which make contact with meridian points in your hands to the points at the base of the neck and the bottom of the spine, which augments bodily energy flow.

This is a powerful, whole body circuit in that it circulates the life force energy horizontally, between and the left and right side as well as vertically along the spine. In a short time this circuit has been known to restore physical energy and mental acuity.

The Tri-Circuit can be used as a relaxation device, to enhance meditation or visualizations and other mind augmentation exercises. They can harmonize nervous system imbalances and relieve stress and fatigue. The best results are obtained with resting flat on your back, but you can use a recliner and some people have used them on long trips in the car ( as passengers ) we do not recommend it while you drive. The two smaller screens can be attached to feet with rubber bands, so they remain in contact with the feet. Left foot is connected to the right hand and vice versa. The big screens are positioned at the base of the neck, and at the sacrum. This arrangement is called the centrally symmetrical relaxation circuit.

The  Tri-Circuit screens don't have to be directly against the skin, as they work on the energy body, or the "Bio-Field". It is best to wear cotton or some natural material. Just hold the hand electrodes loosely in the hands.  Use the Tri-Circuit for 15 minutes or more-the body usually tells you when it has had enough, especially after using them regularly-you get a sense of being "charged" sufficiently.  Even if you fall asleep you will wake up when the body has had enough. You can listen to music or motivational tapes, we suggest you allow all your attention to connect with the process you feel as you use them. There may be tingling, warmth, vibrations, buzzing, discomfort, etc.

Use common sense with these devices. The copper will naturally tarnish, but this will not affect their action. The copper can be cleaned occasionally with a steel wool pad and warm
water. Do not put them in washing machines or dryers.

No medical claims are made or should be implied for the Tri-Circuit. Users have reported relief from many health issues while using the Tri-Circuit relaxation screens. Never leave children unattended with these screens.