Dr. Devi Nambudripad's Allergy Release Technique (NAET)

This Technique is a revolutionary system for dealing with allergies...one of the most prevalent health problems facing mankind today. It is a natural, drugless, painless, non-invasive method that can be used safely for adults, children and babies. Dr. Devi Nambudripad, a registered nurse, chiropractor and acupuncturist developed this technique as a result of her own battles with allergies and has done extensive research in the areas of allergies.

Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET) is a breakthrough treatment that uses the principles of chiropractic, kinesiology and acupuncture to permanently desensitize an allergic person. The theory of NAET is based on viewing the body as pathways for the flow of electromagnetic energy. According to Dr. Nambudripad, when an allergen enters or contacts the body, there is a clash between the energy field of the allergen and the energy field of the allergy sufferer. The brain identifies the allergen and responds with antibodies and delayed reactive T and B Cells. This type of immune reaction causes the release of toxic substances from the T cells. The fighter cells, called macro phages, then invade the area, intent of digesting the antigens. Immune mediators such as histamine are released. These reactors cause blockages in the electromagnetic pathways as well as abnormal tissue response, delayed tissue destruction and possible autoimmune reaction.

When an allergen is encountered by an allergic individual, it can cause certain blockages in the electromagnetic pathways. These blockages are connected to organs, cells or systems and can cause allergic reactions. Certain foods e.g. wheat and corn can cause blockages in the digestive system creating symptoms such as bloating, flatulence and general digestive discomfort. NAET clears these blockages by reprogramming the nervous system and neutralizing the bodyâs immune mediators, thereby permanently desensitizing a person to the allergen.

How does NAET Work?

NAET uses chiropractic techniques and acupuncture meridians to stimulate the area of the body that are connected to the blockages in the energy system. By stimulating the meridians down each side of the spine with a Chiropractic Activator Tool while the person is holding the allergen, the electromagnetic repulsion to that allergen is eliminated and a chemical or enzymatic change occurs neutralizing the immune mediators and interrupting the allergen. This clears the energy blockage to the area involved and sends a message to the brain stating that allergen has been desensitized. The body no longer identifies the particular food or environmental substance as an allergen and energy blockages in response to the particular food or environmental substance no longer occurs.

As an example, a wheat allergy might affect the lungs and cause a blockage in the lung meridian or lung channel. To clear the wheat allergy, the client will hold the allergen in their hand while the practitioner stimulates the nervous system located down each side of the spine with the Activator Chiropractic tool. By stimulation, the electromagnetic repulsion to the allergen is eliminated.

The desensitizing process takes 25 hours to be complete, as according to this system the clearing of the allergen has to circulate through the 12 meridians or organ systems. It takes two hours for the healing energy to pass through each of the bodyâs organ systems. During this period, a client should avoid contact with the particular allergen for the 25 hour period after the treatment to ensure complete desensitization. The effect of the treatment will be lost if this is not adhered to as the brain will identify the substance as an allergen once again.

Allergens are cleared one at a time with this technique. According to Dr Nambudripadâs technique of eliminating allergies, there is an order that has to be followed. The Food Allergies are cleared first and then the Environmental Allergies.

In most cases, one session will clear the allergy unless the individual is very sensitive and a combination of allergens have to be used or the client has not kept away from the allergen for the 25 hours period.

Any time there are energy blockages in the body, health problems result. Some areas of the body are weaker for genetic reasons and they will react the most, weakening other areas of the body. Some of the common symptoms that can be produced by such blockages are aches and pains in the body, sore throats, fevers, chills, painful lymph nodes, weakness, extreme fatigue, headaches, sleep disturbances, irritability, confusion, depression, forgetfulness, a burning sensation in the body, frequent urination, crying spells, suicidal behavior, sores in the mouth, indigestion, bloating and water retention. Virtually any symptom can be the result of a blockage caused by contact with an allergen.

After working with NAET for some time, my experience has been that most health problems are ultimately caused by allergens. If blockages continue or the body is constantly exposed to allergens, the blockages spread throughout the system and more serious problems occur. When the immune system becomes overloaded and compromised, autoimmune problems develop. Over time, as it is bombarded with allergens, the body becomes more susceptible to chronic problems, decreased energy levels, migraines, tumors and mental problems.

The NAET technique can help to bring the body back into balance and as a result, most people can once again enjoy a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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