Happy Spring

Happy Spring

By Arianne Koven, N.D., C.N.H.P

Spring is nearly upon us and the appropriate time to wake up our internal body systems that have been sleeping through the winter months.

In the Chinese system of the Five Elements, Spring is correlated with the element of Wood, which governs the liver and gall bladder. The Wood element creates our mental clarity and our ability to focus, plan ahead and to make decisins. The tissues governed by the Wood element are the muscles, ligaments and tendons; these parts which hold us together and give us both strength and flexibility.

The liver is the home of the soul and gifts us our spiritual faculty – the inspiration and the desire for life. If it is weak, we may lack the enthusiasm and spark to live fully.

Remember, in the Springs, all living things are restored. It is time for planting seeds for new growth in our lives, our relationships, our work and most of all, our health.

Let Nature and Ourselves flourish in the coming season.

“The liver is ruler over the Spring. It is the root of life’s ultimate action. It’s condition is revealed in the fingernails and toenails, as well as in the muscles.” – Chinese Fold Medicine



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