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Staying Healthy for the Winter: We are in the mid-winter stage of this season, a reason for me to check in with you about this present cycle. This is a time of quiet preparation while awaiting the greening rebirth of spring.

Changing of the Seasons – Welcome to Autumn: With the advent of fall and much cooler temperatures it is likely that your diet, exercise regime and especially your nutritional supplement routine are in need of some tweaking.

Happy Spring: Spring is nearly upon us and the appropriate time to wake up our internal body systems that have been sleeping through the winter months.

The Basic Action of Herbs: The beneficial action of herbs and how they are used to help achieve optimum health.

Eating is in Your Blood: How your blood type affects the foods you should be eating. Certain foods are ideal for some people and antagonistic to others.

Look Before You Bite: Improper food combining could cause major dietary stress. Learn how to plan your meals to avoid this common problem.

Spring Cleaning: Spring is the ideal time to cleanse your body of a years worth of toxic build-up and fine-tunes your organs and internal systems.

A Successful Relationship: Discover how to deal with the hidden gremlins that sabotage relationships – an introduction to your sub-personalities.

Winning the War on Cold and Flu: Your best defense against contracting the flu or cold and what you need to do immediately to reduce the symptoms and shorten the misery.

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